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Grey Zone

The employment of non-military measures to advance political goals while staying below the level of armed conflict is referred to as "Grey Zone warfare," "confrontation," and "conflict." Conflicts in the "grey zone" is the precarious space between peace and war. Political and election interference, cyberthreats and attacks, economic coercion, the use of proxies, and a variety of other tactics, including military action, are just a few examples of potential Grey Zone activities.

Grey Zone is currently where the Indo-Pacific sits in terms of a threat environment. Great Power Competition between the East and West escalates by the day, with the area becoming more and more contested.

Community of Interest: Grey Zone is where you’ll find weekly updates on significant grey zone activities across the Indo-Pacific. By being a part of this community, you’ll have clarity illuminating the fog-of-war.

Who Am I?

I’m Cole, an ex-New Zealand Army military intelligence SNCO. A veteran of the Middle East and the Pacific. Having since retired, I like to continue to exercise my analytical skills by keeping tabs on the Indo-Pacific (my natural Area of Intelligence Responsibility). In online circles, I’m known as ‘ALCON.S2’ and you can find me on Instagram at @ALCON.S2.

The Compartment

The Compartment, is a need-to-know paid subscription where you have access to my own bespoke intelligence reporting produced via OSINT collection. These reports typically provide analysis on military activity, significant events and indicators/warnings in the Indo-Pacific. If you have a need-to-know, consider getting clearance.

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I'm Cole, a former military intelligence analyst from New Zealand. The Grey Zone is the space between Peace and War. I provide regular Grey Zone reporting and intelligence tradecraft education. PACOM Illuminator. Tradecraft Disseminator.


Cole // ALCON S2

New Zealand-based intelligence analyst. Ex-military intelligence SNCO, NZ Army. Illuminating the Pacific.